Change the World by Making Clients Fall in Love with your Work


A lot of people say they don’t like businesses yet positive businesses can change the world for the better. Think of Whole Foods Market, Tesla Motors. Solar City.

Today you can create a big positive impact in this world via your own business and here are four steps that can help you make sure clients fall in love with what you have to offer.

Four Steps

You need to create and curate interesting appropriate content or products
Interesting appropriate content or mind blowing products are anything that deeply catches the attention of your ideal customer.

This could be video, photo or written content that inspires people to take positive action or it could be a physical product like a Tesla S or an organic sandwich at Whole Foods Market that is designed to change the world from how it is now.

It all depends on the interest and need of your ideal customer. So not any content will work and not any product will work. Just because you like it does not mean other people will. Plus they need to more than like it they must LOVE IT.

To make sure you are working on the right product or service Know your IDEAL customer and be where they can see you. Use the tool they prefer for information. Don’t expect them to like the tool you use and offer remarkable service and products.

Once they are engaged get deeper attention
Once you ideal potential customer finds your nicely developed content or product you need to keep them engaged and falling in love with your work. When you create new content or products you need to 10 x improve on the last release. This means surveying your current clients and asking them what they want more of. Listen to criticism it can be very helpful to find needs people want fulfilled.

Make sure you Mix things up
When you release your next content or service or product make it so that your tribe is never bored by the brand instead they are intrigued. Offer new ideas that go beyond what they are expecting. Tesla decided to make a 4 wheel drive SUV / crossover vehicle. They could have designed a very nice electric SUV instead they created a SUV with ‘falcon wing doors’ that adapt to small spaces. Surprise and delight your customers.

Get potential clients involved
The sooner you can get a potential customer involved in investing their time in the creation of your work by their active feedback and perhaps even collaboration you are on your way to continued success.

People want to invest in and buy a service or product they helped design.

Enjoy a wonderful day,