Call of Gratitude

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I believe one of the most wonderful practices to embrace in life is an attitude of Gratitude, to be simply thankful for whatever you (and I) are blessed with at this very moment in life.

Sometimes this is easy when the Sun is shining and everyone is being kind to you. Sometimes this is not easy since you may be feeling unhealthy, unhappy and financially broke. But if you have attended any of my seminars over the last ten years you know I firmly believe that where you focus your mind will get you the results of your focus. So focusing on being grateful for the positive experiences no matter how small at least keeps you focused on the good things and this has helped me personally pull through some very tough times.

Today I would like to suggest you ‘Enjoy the Joy’ of making a ‘Call of Gratitude’. This simply involves taking up the phone and calling someone and giving them thanks for something that you remember positively they did for you whether it is a friend who picked you up in their car when it was raining last week, the employer who gave you a job after months of searching or the doctor who years ago helped you pull through an illness. Imagine how good you would feel if someone called you today to thank you for something you did in the past.

Now make someone’s day – make that call of gratitude!

Enjoy the experience,