Buy Organic Food on a Small Budget by Being Organically Organized

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If you have ever gone to the store and purchased some organic food and then when you got home and you were moving stuff around in the pantry or fridge you found you already had some of the same food item you just bought you need to get organically organized.

Yes, I have done this. I have bought a second helping of something whether it is flour, cereal, carrots or rice and we already had a stock at home that I did not see when I made the shopping list.

Here is what I do to avoid doubling up by mistake:

Avoid Overfill

We keep out pantry and fridge not so full so it is clear what we need to buy. We also make sure items that are in the pantry and fridge are clearly identifiable. So we leave items should in their original package or in a re-usable container marked with the contents. I will never forget the time I mixed up fine brown sugar with cocoa power and ended up with a glass of warm milk and sugar just because I put the sugar in an unmarked container.

To Each Its Own

Every thing has its place in the pantry and fridge so we know where the flour is and if it is gone well we mark it on the list to buy.

Mark it off the list

To avoid being inspired by a sale price for an item that will expire or an item we don’t really need too much of I always make a shopping list and I even mark down on the shopping list common items that as not needed so I don’t buy flour etc by mistake. How I mark it as not needed is I put the item on the list and mark a line though it. It is an odd idea but it works for me.

Make the List at Home

We make the shopping list when we are at home so we can check if what is needed is really needed

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