Business People: Five Ways to Be More Active Every Day – Easy to Adapt

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As a global community we are becoming more and more inactive during the day. We sit in front of computers, at desks, in meetings and we need to move more to avoid all kinds of illnesses that arrive from a lack of physical activity.

This recent article gives us some insight. Check it out and then return for some solid tips to nourish your wellness.

Here is a list of FIVE ideas that can inspire you to incorporate more activity into your day, every day.


Stand up and Sit down at work
It is not ideal to stand up or sit down all day so vary the process. Set your alarm and try 60 minutes of standing and then change to sitting. I have a standing / sitting desk and I feel much better by not sitting or standing all day. Learn about standing adjustable desks here.


Standing Meetings
Most times we sit at a meeting and sometimes this makes a meeting less urgent and time just passes. Schedule a standing meeting as a change for your body and a way to help people remember time is short. Let us all get our most valuable ideas out quickly and move on to our next event.


Moving Meeting
Whether you are meeting a friend or a business associate you can suggest let us go for a walk to connect. Outside in the fresh air could make the meeting more memorable and more refreshing.


Moving Lunch Time
When you go for lunch you may see people going for a run or a jog, however, this may not be for you so instead consider going for a walk in the park, throwing a ball or a flying flashlight with a colleague. Or if there is a dog close by you can play fetch or take the dog for a walk : )


Take a Stretch Break
Sitting or standing at work can make your body stiff, set an alarm reminder for yourself to take a moment and do some stretching. A little bit of yoga or whatever else is right for you.

The whole idea is that at the end of your work day you are still feeling energized since you have moved body as well as your mind.

All the best,