Bottled Water and Buying Organic Food on a Budget

saving money for organic food

You may be wondering how can bottled water and organic food be related but a friend of mine explained to me they are.

Michelle is a very passionate organic food eater but she had run into financial problems that I was not aware of and she told me recently how she found some extra money in her budget to keep buying organic food.

Michelle knew the importance of drinking water daily to support her health and she was actively drinking water daily but the way she was getting herself water was costing her a lot of money.

She was buying two bottles of water on her way to work each day. She realized (like you most likely know) she was paying more for her bottle water than the cost of fuel for a car per liter. So she decided to ditch the water bottle habit and bring her own water to work. She also stopped using plastic to carry her water by investing in a stainless steel water bottle. In total per week, because of the amount of water she was drinking each day (about two liters) she ended up saving about ten dollars per week that she was able to reinvest in her organic food purchases, nice.

Thanks Michelle for sharing your experience. My family and I are also committed users of stainless steel water bottles. My current water bottle is the one in the Amazon image above – a Nalgene Stainless Steel Bottle.

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