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Bob Newhart helps people be happy and healthy through humor.

When I was young my Dad shared with me a LP record called The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart – it is a recording of some of Bob Newhart’s greatest stand up comedy routines. Bob used to just stand on stage and tell his stories and the audience would laugh like crazy.

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Now boost yourself (and those around you) through a selection of videos courtesy of YouTube so you can experience Bob Newhart’s humor for yourself. Find out why The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart became the first every chart topping comedy LP ever and why his humor is timeless.


Bob Newhart – Classic – The Driving Instructor  from ‘The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart


The complete list of titles from the LP Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart now available as a CD are:

1. Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue
2. The Cruise of the U.S.S. Codfish
3. Merchandising the Wright Brothers
4. The Krushchev Landing Rehearsal
5. Driving Instructor [Pilot Script for a New TV Series]
6. Nobody Will Ever Play Baseball


Below is another of Bob’s great comedy routines.

Bob Newhart – Defusing a Bomb! Extremely Funny! 


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