Board Games to Inspire your children

If you are looking for an inspiring picture book to teach your children habits that will benefit them for a lifetime my youngest child and I recommend Sean Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

We read this book lots and Sean does an excellent job of sharing the core ideas put forth by his Dad in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in a very simple and straight forward manner so children learn powerful principles through fun reading.

My youngest really likes the story about the soccer game when the kids from 7 Oaks learn how to use their individual skills and work together as a team. We recommend The 7 Habits of Happy Kids book and now we recommend you check out the game.


The great news is that Sean has created a game to help children learn the principles shared in the book. The game helps them learn habits that will help make them happy. It is called The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game. Follow this link  to learn more.

Other great educational games we enjoy and you may too!

Rush Hour

Another board game that helps children learn principles of deduction and problem solving is called Rush Hour. We also enjoy this game.

Learn more about Rush Hour here.


Frog Juice

If you and your children like fun card games that make you think and anticipate what other players are going to do then check out Frog Juice.

Our children love it.

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Keep Smiling!