Be the FIRST to Listen Be the LAST to Speak


Be the FIRST to Listen Be the LAST to Speak

I was born in Ireland so I guess I have a tendency to like speaking.

It came to me as a surprise when a few years ago I found out I actually learn more when I speak less.

When I am not speaking I am actually hearing what is important to another person and this can help personal as well as business relationships.

Are you willing to test this out? That is, if you believe you talk too much. If you are not sure if you speak too much ask your friends.

I am not suggesting you don’t speak at all, what I do believe is that when we reduce the amount of time we spend speaking we give more time to better understand the person in front of us.

Indeed, it is really great in a conversation when one person speaks then there is a pause to think about what they said and then you have a chance to respond. Rapid fire conversations can lead to conflict, slower not slow conversations can lead to deep conversations.

Like the notes between the music, the space in the conversation helps everything sound clearer.

Tip of the moment:

See if you can spend more time in conversation listening rather than talking particularly with people you find it difficult to deal with.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


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