Aweber Review 16 Top Reasons to Use Aweber Email Marketing

I have used and recommended Aweber email  marketing for over two years.

I am often asked why. So below I have listed 16 reasons to test out Aweber Permission Based Email Marketing. Note:  I am currently testing out a Free email marketing program as you can see on the sidebar but by far it is not as good as Aweber.

Learn about Aweber here or read the reasons below first.

The 16 reasons to use Aweber Email Marketing are in fact features you get from Aweber at No EXTRA charge.


You can use Aweber Marketing to broadcast your blog posts automatically or post on social media.


You can use Aweber to distribute automatically your e-book to readers who register on your site. This is one of my favorite features since it allows you to offer instant downloads on products.


You can use Aweber to make it easy for visitors to your Facebook business page sign up for your newsletter and you can use Aweber to send updates to Twitter.


You can use Aweber Email Marketing to schedule the sending out of your newsletter in advance so when you are on vacation your readers will still get a message from you.


You can use Aweber to personalize your email marketing without it looking like you are using a bulk email system. You can also turn off this feature if you do not like it.


You can use Aweber to find out which articles you mention in your Ezine / email marketing are the most read by your readers and by which readers.


You can use Aweber to send out an email course at whatever interval you wish.


You can access your Aweber account securely from any computer with internet access.


You can use Aweber Email Marketing without installing any software on your computer.


When you use Aweber you are connecting your business with an email marketing company who has established relationships with Internet Service Providers so your email gets delivered and not marked as spam.


With Aweber you can send out multiple email messages each month to the same email subscribers and you don’t receive any extra billing. You are not charged per email per person.


You can use Aweber email newsletter templates at no extra charge.


You have access to Aweber email marketing analytics at no extra charge.


You have access to easily customizable Aweber web sign up forms at no extra charge. Plus you have access to ready to use web sign up forms already personalized to suit many businesses.


If you have several lists (which costs you nothing extra to create with Aweber) and you have the same person on two lists. When you send out the same message to all lists Aweber’s systems automatically only send out the message once to each email address. Thereby, avoiding subscriber revolt due to duplication of messages.

Sixteen which is think is the number one reason!

You have access to Aweber’s excellent over the phone customer and technical service centers where you can speak directly to an email marketing / technical expert. If you don’t want to speak you can use live chat and email inquiry services too. This is in fact the best reason of all since too many online services have not human contact.

All these services come at no extra charge when you sign up for AWEBER

Personally, I find Aweber Permission Based Email Marketing Software as an inexpensive and ethical way to promote business and to keep in touch with clients. Aweber are one of the most successful ethical opt in emailing marketing companies in the world. They have been in business over ten years.

You can test out their service for one dollar for the first month

Yes, I will get a small referral fee if you sign up and stay with their service but I would promote their service regardless, there customers service is so good.

Continued Success to you,