Avoid Driving in Circles

This car could go very fast in circles!

Some personal and professional development ideas are so simple they get pushed aside with the assumption everyone will know this idea. This article is to share one of the simple ideas I use that perhaps can benefit you.


Have you ever gone on a driving trip to pick up several items for your work or personal life and at the end of the journey you realize you spent a lot more time traveling between locations than you anticipated? In fact, you even crossed the same path at least once on your journey.

I must admit I have done this in the past.

Here is a simple time saving idea that I use to make it easier for me to be more efficient with the use of my time when I have a number of activities to accomplish on the road. It has even helped some people I have shared it with.


Create your list of activities you need to achieve and decide if you can delegate any of them. (You may wish to read this article about delegation).


Once you know the actions you have to do in person take out a map and look at the location of each place you need to go to. Then number them from 1 to 10 (or to whatever total number you have) in the order that you will drive around to accomplish them most efficiently.  Sometimes you might number two items the same number or (1 a and 1 b) since they are in the same location.

Then off you go, hopefully saving time on your way.

Yes, I know the idea is simple but for me when I applied this idea my trips started to be more time efficient which left me with more time in my day to do other things I enjoyed.

Perhaps, you already do this, if not, check it out and see if it helps you save time.

Best Wishes,