Are you Climbing the Right Ladder?

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Are you Climbing the Right Ladder?

If you are feeling really happy and your career and business are going wonderfully skip reading this. If you would like to enhance your life experiences and bring them to the next level then read below.

Then take ten minutes to evaluate yourself. Yes, turn off the phone and computer and be in a quiet space when you do this evaluation. It will be worth it.

Inside your life, inside your business ask yourself the following questions and take note of the first thoughts that come to mind:

How are your relationships with family, friends, co-workers?
Are their people you have not called in a long time? People you wish to connect with?
If so, make a note to take action to connect with one person this week. Book it in your calendar and do it! Just like you book a Doctor’s or Dentist’s appointment, remember keep your commitment.

Are you doing daily actions that are leading you to be who you like being?
Do you want to be fitter? Meditate more? Read more? Write more? Play more? Be with your children more?
If not, decide on an action to take. Then note it down and commit to the action in your calendar!

Are you doing daily actions that are leading you up the mountain in your career to where you want to go? Are your days full of busy actions where you do not feel you are moving forward? Think about what really has moved you forward in the past and make a commitment to do this again.
Think about testing out something new that can help your business grow and make a commitment to do this.
Mark it in the calendar and do it.

Now mark a note in your calendar to review this practice of 10 minutes of personal revision one month from now.

You want to make sure in life you are climbing the right ladder every day.

This article is my gift to you to nourish all your life.

Your friend on the journey,