An Introduction to Nourishing Income

If you are don’t have enough money it is quite possible you may be struggling to keep positive and happy and possibly even healthy.

If you ever have had a time when you could not afford to buy your children food you will know that it is easier to feel happy when you can afford to nourish the ones you love.

Money does not buy you happiness but there are many people who suffer the pain of family members dying because they don’t have the money to buy treatment or medication that can heal them. If you have the money to support a friend in need as one book is titled Money Can Buy Happiness.

Now, you may wonder why I am mentioning all of this and the reason is that I know a lot of people struggling financially and it makes their relationships with others tense because they are struggling.

Personally, I have done my best over the years to offer at no charge to readers of The WONDER Technique valuable and useful information to help build their health and happiness. Plus with a small investment readers have actually saved money by investing in books like how to buy organic food inexpensively.

To help out MORE I am about to bring to this website a number of articles that can help you nourish your income step by step.

You can read them as they arrive and you can choose to also read books I recommend like The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth (Amazon) since it offers everyone from stay at home parents, single mums to closet inventors ways to enhance their income.

The ‘nourishing income’ articles are all related to helping you simply and easily start a small business of your own inexpensively so you can build drop by drop or bucket by bucket an additional stream of income into your life. I will share parts of what I have learned over the years as I have developed this website and more.

My goal is to give you my thoughts on how you can not only nourish your health and happiness but also your financial prosperity through information on this site.

Best of Success to you,


P.S. It is important to remember to be happy when your work or in the very least to inspire yourself to be happy while you work. When I was in University studying Psychology there was a new type of Psychology inspired by Martin Seligram called Positive Psychology. You might find Martin’s work like Authentic Happiness (Amazon) very interesting. I listened to it on audio. There are also books by Shawn Achor that remind you being happy will enhance your success at work.

Don’t believe me check out book like The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success at Work (Amazon)