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This is my booking page

Here you will find an overview of all my current Fees for Services. I have a rock bottom price to make my services accessible to all. Plus you have a 100 percent money back guarantee.


Overview of Fees for All Services

Note: Here you will find details of Fees with exception of seminars since seminar, workshop or keynote pricing varies with the nature, details and location of the event. If you are requesting a workshop please contact me for fee examples.

All Service Fees are Delivery Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your payment is refunded Contact me for more details.


Overview of Fees – Current Pricing

Personal one on one Life Coaching

Please make sure we have spoken before you order your session contact me here

Your Hourly Coaching Investment Fee 49 Euros per session. 

To order please click on the link below when I receive your payment we will confirm the timing of the coaching session.

Your Hourly Coaching Investment Fee 49 Euros per session.

I recommend you book one hour at a time.

Note: In person coaching is possible depending on your location and on the timing of your request. This is for an additional fee.


Thank you for your order,

David Hennessey, B.A. (Psych.), W.C.

P.S If you want me to respond even quicker to your request please click over to my contact page and send me a quick email after you have placed your order. Click here for the contact page.

If you have questions please contact myself by going here


Note: If you buy by credit card your statement will read PAY PAL /David Hennessey – David Hennessey may be truncated to David Hennes or DHennessey by some credit card operators due to printing space on invoices.



All orders need to show billing address for tax records kept by the seller.

Refunds- If you are ordering a service or set up and you are not satisfied when we do the included coaching session you can be refunded in full only at this time. The fee for service is the full extent of my guarantee and warranty and a full refund is a nice guarantee. But I am confident that you will be delighted.

Payment and delivery- iI do not accept personal checks – method of payment is only by Pay Pal who accept many payment methods including payment by credit card. In addition, International Customers: Please note that the cost of your order, if applicable, does not include import duty (if applicable), brokerage fees and/or other costs – you are responsible for the additional costs. David Hennessey has no control over, nor does he know the amount of fees that will be incurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Pricing-Prices may be subject to change without notice – contact before ordering if you have any concerns

Conditions of sale – depending on your request pricing offered is based on your site qualifying for the services to be rendered. Contact David before placing an order if you have any doubts. Thank you!