Aikido and The Art of Happiness

To be happy you cannot fight people that are in conflict with you instead you need to let their negative energy pass by you.

In Aikido which when translated from Japanese to English means the way of harmony with ki or energy of life you learn that when a person attacks you the best physical defense is to get of the way.

You also learn that the worst physical defense is to try and block and fight back the person who is attacking you. Imagine a bus is coming down the street and you try to block its movement you will be flattened. In Aikido you simply turn and let the big physical energy move by you. This physical skill you can use mentally as well.

Next time someone is all upset about anything and they try to pull you in consciously to their experience adopt a little piece of the martial art of Aikido and let them blast away but don’t try to block them. Just move mentally and physically out of their way.

Your friend on the journey,


Here are two books on Aikido worth checking out (Yes, I have my own copies)

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction

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