A Tribute to my Dad David Hennessey

David Hennessey

One of the greatest personal and professional development mentors I have ever had has just died. This person was my Dad.

My Dad and I had many conversations about the need to bring more positive thinking into schools, into universities, into businesses – we talked again and again about the power of the mind and how important it is to use effectively.

We talked about the ideas of Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Og Mandino and Norman Vincent Peale – some of the greatest pioneers behind the personal and professional development industry today.

We reflected many times on the story of how the mind is like fertile soil that does not care what you plant in it but will nourish and grow everything you seed. If you sow thoughts of anger your mind nourishes the growth of more thoughts of anger that will expand more and more into your life. If you sow seeds of love your mind will nourish the growth of more thoughts of love that will expand more and more into your life. You have the choice with what you sow and focus on. You will reap the results.

These conversations became part of the inspiration that lead me to creating The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ®. Thank you Dad.

In celebration of my Dad’s life we had a special service that was attended by hundreds of people who wanted to share their time in honor of the joy and happiness my Dad brought to them.

Below I share with you a sort of poem that I wrote early one morning after the passing of my Dad. I shared it with the audience at the celebration of life. I share these words here because I want to pass on a little bit of the greatness my Dad brought to our world. Greatness I am sure you are bringing to this world as well step by step.



I take your hand in mine to thank you for your presence and all the gifts you have given to me:

The Joy of Continual Learning

The Pleasure of Supporting Family

The Power of Co-operation

The Magic of Great Service

The Willingness to take Risks

The Desire to Nourish People’s Lives

The Courage to Let Go

Dad, you lived just the way you wanted to.

You leaned into life pushing the boundaries and stretching the mind – creating new possibilities.

I thank you forever for the spark you ignited in me and the fire of your love that will burn within me forever.

With endless gratitude,

Your son, David