A Single Mums Approach to Buying Organic Food

fresh organic food

I have a friend who typically has very little money yet she manages to raise her two daughters alone and feed them organic food. I asked her for her secret.

She told me it is because she makes buying organic food a priority. For example, she has changed going to the movies from a weekly event to a monthly event so she has the extra money to buy organic food to feed her family. If at times her daughters really want to see a movie and she is a little short on cash she will even rent an older movie for a week and share the cost with a neighbor.

She also told me she now gets lots of books from the library instead of buying books like Eat, Pray, Love on Amazon and only reading it once.

Of course, you don’t have to do what my friend does. I think her important point is that she has makes buying organic food her priority and then she finds the way to makes it happen.

Best of Health to you,


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