A Sample of Health and Wellness Marketing in France

French Bread Bag

At a recent wellness conference I used some images when I talked during my presentation with the audience about how there is a difference in how each country’s government  promotes health and wellness. One example, I mentioned is the comparison of my experience of having lived in Canada and France. Unlike currently in Canada (correct me please if I am wrong) in France on the television when you see media advertisements on food you see at the bottom of the screen messages encouraging you to eat fruits and vegetables, move your body and not snack between meals.

Recently, when we bought bread at a French bakery the fresh bread was given to us in the bag photographed above. The bag is given free to the bakery because it is a publicity for the item you can in the picture.

Assuming my french translation is correct on the first image you can see at the bottom a note that reads ‘Pour votre Santé, évitez de grignoter enter les repas” which means “for your health, avoid snacking between meals”.

The second image shows a note on the bag that reads ‘Pour votre Santé, mangez au moins cinq fruit et legumes par jour” which translated means “for your health eat no less than five fruits and vegetables each day”.

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