A Rocky Goal Setting Tradition

Stones on the Beach in Nice - Photo copyright David Hennessey

Stones on the Beach in Nice – Photo copyright David Hennessey

Judy, one of our readers shared with me one of her family traditions. I believe for those of us like myself who live close to the sea this can be a wonderful practice to take on. It is a great way to let go the past and stand strong and resilient for the future.

Judy wrote: Alex and I agreed that we would like to create traditions within our family without necessarily being too rigid or concerned about what those traditions looked like.  Alex came up with collecting rocks from the beach and then returning them the following year.  For me the rock represents all that I am intending for this year and it is a simple way for me to stop and be present.  I really enjoy the ceremonial experience of releasing the rock a year later and completing what happened and what didn’t happen.  Then to choose a special symbol of the year to come and use it as a reminder of what’s possible.  Certainly incorporating nature is important to me too.

I think Judy and Alex’s idea is a great idea. Whether you are single, a couple or a family you could follow their idea as long as you live close to a lake, a river, an ocean or a sea. For a starting day, you could choose perhaps January 1st or your birthday or an anniversary of a special event or why not even today and just make the return of the stones one year from now.

All in all the stones you pick can be a contant reminder and reinforcement of the goals you want to achieve within the next twelve months.

Enjoy a wonderful day!, David