7 Small Changes to Make a Big Difference in your Health and Wellness

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Make a bedtime routine
This will help you get to bed and have enough sleep to be energized to do all you want to do.

Tip: Set an alarm to remind you it is the time to start getting ready for bed.


Keep fruit in a bowl on the counter
If you keep fruit in a bowl at the office or at home you are more likely to eat fruit rather than other less healthy foods.

Tip: Change the fruit depending on the season


Eat Breakfast
Many studies suggest that people who eat a complete breakfast have more energy and are more in balance weight wise.

Tip: Make breakfast simple and a routine. Perhaps your favorite morning power shake will do it.


Plan ahead
Make a ‘To-do’ list in the last 30 minutes of your work (or play) day so you know what you want to start on the next day.

Tip: Set an alarm to remind you to make the list.


Move it
Make sure you move when you can during the day. Avoid elevators, walk if possible when you are on the phone, maybe even have walking meetings outside as the fresh air can stimulate the brain.

Tip: Get outside for at least 20 minutes per day


Enjoy your daily commute
Turn off the negative news and tune into to an educational podcast to inspire and educate you in an area of your life you would like to improve. You can use the time to learn a language or simply some extra tips to nourish your relationships.

Tip: Download a podcast you wish to listen to the night before your commute so once you are on the way you can tune in.


Change your password
I wrote an article a while back about making your passwords positive. Avoid making the password something easy to guess. Choose a phase ‘iamingreathealth’ No, this is not the one I use.

Tip: You can make your password positive and appropriate to what you are signing into. For example, ‘iearntenthousanddollarspermonth’ could be your office signin password.

Choose at least one of these ideas, take action and share this article with a friend.

Enjoy a absolutely fantastic day!