6 Primary Needs of the Human Being by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins gave one of the most popular TED talks titled Why we do what we do.

As always Tony is impressively in your face with ideas that can help change your world (over 7 million people have viewed this talk.)

After you watch this video you will have clarity on the importance of what Tony has found during his work with over 3 million, yes, 3 million people over the last 30 years.

He has found that we have physical and mental needs that are really important:





Tony also found that beyond our mental and physical needs we have two very important spiritual needs

The need to Grow as a person

The need to Contribute to this world beyond ourselves

Watch the video for all the details. If you want to learn about Tony’s latest book that I am reading check it out here


Check out the video and have a wonderful day