3 Steps: How to Choose the Right Business for you to Build – 1 minute read

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3 Steps: How to Choose the Right Business for you to Build

I was at a get together of friends last night and a neighbor arrived. After chatting for a while she told me she is planning on creating a business to become more independent in many ways. She asked me for my best advice on what to start as a business.

I share with you here as I shared with her the best advice I can offer at this moment.

Know what you are good at above everything else you do.
If you are not sure ask the people closet to you.

Know how to package this skill into a product or service.
If unsure again ask the people close to you they could have a great idea you have not thought of.

Know the market reality.
Make sure you don’t imagine you can conquer the world with your product or service (even if you can). Make sure there is really a real opportunity. Ask people you know would they invest in this. However, if they say no still pay attention to your gut you could be ahead of the curve.

Example: If you have the skill as a communicator and you know a lot about an industry and the industry is seeking knowledgeable people like you. Then you have found the ideal work for you at this time. You just need some coaching and guidance on how to make your idea real.

Go for it!

All the best,