3 Powerful Ways to Kick the Stress Habit at Work

stress management

Do you experience negative stress at work?

Negative stress in the work place damages your health and your productivity. Signs of negative stress include fatigue, depression, cold hands or feet, low back pain, asthma, irritability, headaches, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, nervous tension, loss of motivation, inability to focus; short temper (Health Canada Website) You and I can probably add more.

Here are three simple and powerful suggestions you can use to  reduce the negative stress you experience at work.


Change Focus on Your Break Time

Most people’s work breaks are a continuation of their work as they chat about what project they are working on. When you have your break time and lunch time BE A RADICAL do not talk about the work you are doing.  If you change your focus part of your brain is left alone to contemplate solutions that you can apply when you start once again your work on hand.

Find this hard to believe? Remember when you lose something and you cannot find it but once you forget about looking for the item you remember where it is. This is because you have given your brain a chance to search without the stress of too much continual focus. So connect with a friend and chat about the weather, read an inspiring book or call a loved one and share some joy during your break time. You will be more refreshed and more productive on your return.


Get outside and move

When break time comes it is essential you take in some outside air. Outside air is typically fresher than inside air and will give you the oxygen your body and mind need to think and act clearly. A ‘groggy’ mind is often refreshed and inspired by a fresh breeze or a simple visit outside to feel the ‘living’ air. Walking will help circulate the fresh oxygen into your blood stream and the bonus is that movement helps relieve tension contained in the body.

True, you may be in a tall building where it takes longer to get outside but wise employers will know the value of giving employees the time to go out and get fresh air so that the next hours of work are productive ones.


Carry a water bottle to work

Second only to oxygen, water is essential for our survival. Indeed, many offices have water available but sometimes not or sometimes the water bottle on site is dry. So it is best to buy and carry with your own water bottle to work so you have easy access to water before, during and after your work time. Drinking water at work and during your commute will help you body and mind stay hydrated, inspiring clear thinking and helping you avoid fatigue that can lead to accidents and low productivity. Drinking water will also prevent you snacking when often the desire for food is simply the body’s desire for water. Water is an incredible solution.

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If you are interested in finding a good stainless steel water bottle to carry your water to work you can check out my review of stainless steel bottles here.

If you would like to read more about the impact of water on your body check out Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (Amazon Link) by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. I have read this book and it is amazing what I learned. If you know someone who you think needs to drink more water for the sake of their health get them a copy of this book.

Enjoy a wonderful day,