3 Billionaires share their Business Insights Video and Podcast

Do you agree that looking outside our own industry and listening to very successful business builders can bring us new ideas?

Many years ago one of my mentors said “When we focus too much on what is happening inside our own industry we miss ideas from the outside that can in fact nourish our work.”

Some outside our box study and learning could give us just one idea that we can apply in our lives in an unique way. This one idea could double or triple our income or at least lead to one new client.

Below are two learning opportunities I recommend:

Video with Two Billionaires
Recently I watched an interactive video featuring Richard Branson, Founder of VIRGIN airlines and just about everything else VIRGIN. He is a billionaire and a disrupter and has been very successful making a difference. The video also features Elon Musk, billionaire, creator of and co founder of Pay Pal and founder of Tesla Motors and Space X.

You can clearly see that these two billionaires have no ordinary mindset. Musk for example never set out to make money. He only set out to make sustainable change in our world.

Note: The best part is the beginning, the later part where they both take questions has poor sound quality since questions where coming in from all over the world via satellite. Tip: I listed to it in pieces with pen and paper close by.

Podcast with One Billionaire
Peter Thiel is a serial company founder (PayPal, Palantir), billionaire investor (first outside investor in Facebook), and author of the new book Zero to One In this question and answer session of approximately 20 minutes Peter offers some very valuable thoughts on how to build businesses and your future. Reminding us to not follow trends and how to create our own unique trend.

Here is the link to the page with the Podcast on Timothy Ferriss’s Blog , Enjoy