2 SUPER POWERS to help you Create a Better World

Sometimes we don’t feel beautiful at all, we feel down, we feel like nobody likes us and we cannot see any part of our life going the way we want but we still have one SUPER power within us and that is Choice.

We can chose to ignore the criticism that is not related to how we really are, we can choose to focus on things that we know bring us inspiration and joy and we can choose to use another SUPER power our ability to Smile. USE RANDOM ACTS of SMILING to bring joy to your world, even smiling while you are on the phone changes your energy for the positive, try it.

I remember my Dad used to play a song and somewhere in that song where the words ‘turn on your heart light where ever you are’. Today these words came to me and I searched to discover the song it is hidden inside. Here is the song, perhaps you know it.

These words ‘turn on your heart light’ reminds me that when we all bring the greatness and good intentions we have to this world our work place, our family life, our lives become more beautiful from the inside out.

Share the thought, have a wonderful day!