19 Steps WorkBook Resources


Below are optional resources that can help you add more depth to your learning as you work your way through and beyond my educational electronic workbook 19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Success and Wellness.

Best wishes, David


Resource One

Your Definite Purpose and Think and Grow Rich

Get Yourself an Audio or Written copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – choose the revised and updated version for the 21st Century – it is a classic self help book, perhaps the number one self help book of all time and it will help you understand many ideas including how to know your definite purpose and how to create a mastermind group to support you as you work to reaching your goals.
Click on the book title that follows for a simple link to purchase your own paper copy of Think and Grow Rich: The Bestseller–Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

If you prefer an audio copy you can follow this link Think And Grow Rich [Mp3 Audiobook]


Resource Two

Ken Blanchard and The One Minute Manager

The idea I wrote about in Step Two was inspired by Ken Blanchard who wrote The One Minute Manager twenty years ago. You can get a copy super cheap on Amazon of this classic book that has continued to inspire Fortune 500 company owners. Check out The One Minute Manager then checkout Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life there are over one thousand review on Who Moved My Cheese on Amazon.  Great books.


Resource Three

Emile Coue and the Power of Your Mind

Emile Coue is the person who coined the phrase that is translated into English as ‘Every day in Every Way I am Getting Better and Better.

Many years ago I found a dust covered version of Emile Coue’s book The Practise of Autosuggestion in a library at UBC in Canada. It is a facinating book about how to use your mind. I have never seen a copy since but the two books I recommend that reminds me of Dr. Coue work best are The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseoph Murphy and As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. For anyone working on personal development and wanting to help others improve their lives these books are essential reading.

Visit Amazon for more details on (what is linked to are editions I own)
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

As A Man Thinketh


Resources Four

Uplifting and Empowering books

I mentioned some empowering resources above. When you follow the next link you will be taken to my book review section and there is a selection of my favorite books for you to look over and read short reviews about.  I recommend you take the time to follow this link and see if some of theses book can add to your library for personal development. Here is the link to my personal development book reviews.


Resource Five

Mini Goal Cards

Within 14 days after you received your e-work book you will receive a FREE copy of my Mini Goal Card Template in your email. This template will help you keep your goal achievement on track.


Resource Six

The Power of Water

I could write page after page on the important impact drinking water has on our daily mental and physical health. A short sample of the benefits of drinking water is in this article called Ten Reasons Why Water is Important for Your Success and Wellness. This is a must read as it has changed many people’s lives.

If you don’t already use a stainless steel water bottle skip over to my stainless steel water bottle review. Choose what you need and get someone to buy one for you today. There is also a review for children’s stainless steel water bottles here.


Resource Seven

High Performance Fuel

I have read dozens of health food and diet books and to help people like you and me create healthy eating habits I wrote a very straight forward eWorkbook Simplify Healthy Eating Habits – It is designed to do just as the title says. It is designed that you can read it in an evening and start to apply the ideas right away. Learn more about the content of Simplify Healthy Eating Habits here.

If you eat organic food and you would like to buy organic food less inexpensively so you can invest your saved money elsewhere follow this link to read about How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively


Resource Eight

Focus Your Mind Tool

One of the most powerful ideas I learned over the years as I moved from being shy and without confidence to becoming a professional speaker is to nourish my mind daily. One thing I do is I carry motivational cards.

To make my use of motivational cards more discreet (also so I could give them as a surprise gift to friends) a while back I designed Mini Motivational Cards. Follow this link to read about them and how you can have as many Mini Motivational Cards as you want.


I will post more optional resources for you as I come across or create them.

Enjoy a wonderful day,