19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Health and Happiness


This free digital guide book 19 Steps to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Health and Happiness and the accompanying videos is designed to give you a foundation to reduce stress and increase the health and happiness in your life.

I share this with you at no charge in honor of the anniversary of my Dad’s death. He was one of my greatest mentors who set me on the path to personal growth when he gave me a book on personal development when I was 16.

So far I have had the pleasure of presenting to over seven thousand people (yes! I have counted my audience size – silly I know).

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The Origin:

After each event I get feedback in person and by email and I found that particular chunks of information attendees wanted written down so they could review it again and again. So I wrote this guide book. Some people even asked that I offer action steps. So the book includes action steps. They also wanted the book simply to read on line so I formatted that too.

I wrote this book with the goal of getting the same positive feedback I got at seminars such as:

”Thank you for the ‘Jewel Box of Gems!’ I will use this information in my work and personal life.” Margaret Dumbrell

”Fantastic Tools – no question I will implement” Hilary Ewart

”The simplicity and tools I can take with me – I rate this presentation ten out of ten” Holly Vokey

E guide includes 20 inspiring beautiful images by David Hennessey, sample below

wonder technique

You can read more comments on my work here

The purpose of this book is to help save you time and money by offering you very clear and valuable straight forward steps to help you with stress management, health and happiness creation. The steps can help you whether you have attended one of my presentations or not.

Steps covered include:
* How to use your emotions to bring your dreams into reality and reduce stress

* How to use your mind correctly to improve your ability to focus on the activity you are working on so you are always on track to reducing stress and nourishing your health, happiness and prosperity

* How you can help keep your brain in prime condition so you feel less stressed as you move into a life of increasing success and wellness

Each step is followed by an Action Step to help you really use the information in this timely e-workbook.

Note: You receive this book as a PDF (portable document file) that is opened on your computer by using Adobe Reader.

If you do not have Adobe Reader you can click here to get it

BONUS: I have created 19 short educational videos to accompany this ebook.

The first one is below and you will find the following 18 on my YouTube channel here.

If you would like to contact me about personal one on one coaching or to present at a conference or a seminar at your location please reach out to me here. I will be delighted to here from you.

Enjoy a wonderful day,