15 Super Tips to get the To Do List DONE

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How do you make sure you can get your ‘To Do List’ done each day?

Here are 15 excellent tips to get your list done:

Make the ‘To Do List’ the Night before.
On your daily list you need to have one item for sure. The creation of your list of top priorities for the following day and this new ‘to do’ list is the action you need to complete before your work day ends. No dodging this one.

Result: The minute you start work you already have your focus.


Make the ‘To Do List’ Digital
This helps you speed up the process if you need to add or delete an item.

Result: No time wasted as you re-write an item or even parts of the list.


Keep the ‘To Do List’ Findable
After you make your to do list in a digital format cut and past a copy and drop it in your email account and send it to yourself.

Result: It is ‘findable’ just in case you forget where you put the ‘original’ digital copy.


Plan when you will do the items on your ‘To Do List’
We all have different skills sets and some of us are more energetic when it comes to administrative work. Others among us get all excited about creative or problem solving work. Learn when is your best time of day to complete certain tasks and time these tasks to be done at your best moment.

How to tip: As you create your list the night before make a note above each item when you are going to it. Then when you have completed the list put the items in time order.


Dedicate enough time for each task
We not only need to know when we can do task with the highest efficiency we also need to know how much time they take. As you train yourself to be more efficient at your work time yourself on regular activities so you know how much you need to plan in the future.

Result: You do not find yourself obeying ‘Parkinson’s Law.’


Leave a Buffer
Remember you are not a machine and even our computers overheat from time to time. Leave some space between each task on your ‘To Do List’ so you do not burn out. Call it ‘breathing space’ and when it arrives leave your work space and go get some fresh air filled with oxygen (not car fumes) to improve your thinking.

Result: Oxygen helps your cognition function better.


Avoid over planning
Did you every see a ‘To Do List’ that is on a toilet roll or on a computer screen where you have to scroll down for a few minutes? Do not over plan, if you do this you will not get your tasks finished which leads to frustration and no sense of success.

Result: At the end of the day you get things done and feel a sense of accomplishment.


Make a ‘Not To Do List’
Inspired by Tim Ferriss, if you are terrible at getting focused on the right tasks you may need to create a ‘not to do list’ so you remember things that just eat up your day and your life. Wasting time ‘surfing’ online without focus often needs to be the first thing on your list. If you need to get an application to block you out of social media surfing get it and use it.

Note: This list hopefully is short and can be printed and put in your work space so you remember what not to do.


Plan Correctly
The opposite of your ‘not to do list’ is the ‘I must get this done list’. Your ‘To Do List’ are items you need to get done daily. They can be getting groceries so the children do not starve and writing your next ad for a client so you get paid so you have money for the groceries. They are actions that are important to get done. Make sure the tasks you plan move you towards your real goals.

Tip: Know your real goals use Brian Tracy’s 30 second technique.


Important First
Adding to number seven make sure the important tasks are completed first. This will help you reach your daily goals. This is essential to make sure you don’t waste your valuable time. Life is really too short.

Tip: Once you have written your ‘To Do List’ read it over and leave out the actions that do not lead to your real goals.


Take the time to Nourish yourself
Yes, a reminder again we are not machines. Make sure you included in your ‘To Do’ list time to eat healthy food, get fresh air and drink water. Keep a water bottle close by your work space. If you feel burned out at the end of your work day this means you did not take the time to nourish yourself. You need to finish work and still have energy.

More Info: Read this article on the important of water for stress management and success.


Turn off the Digital Interrupters
When you are working on your ‘To Do List’ items turn off the ringer on your phone. Turn off the buzz reminder of an incoming email or text.

Result: You can be 100 percent focused on the task at hand.

Close the Door
Do not be afraid to tell other people you are working on an important action and you do not wish to be disturbed. You can leave time in your day for consulting with other people, however, if you are interrupted regularly you will not get the ‘To Do List’ done.


As you create your list make a separate list of items you can delegate to others. These are people who are more effective and efficient in completing these tasks than you are.

Important: Assess the delegation to make sure it was effective and repeat or choose a different person to delegate to. Read the four D’s.


Make sure you reflect on your day at the end of the day and congratulate yourself mentally for your effectiveness. Be grateful. Do this daily.
Go on make and difference and get you list done.

Continued success to you,