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How to Reduce Stress and increase Success and Wellness

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Welcome to the home of resilience online, The W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique ® 

Let us all learn how to thrive in tough times and get resilient for life.

Your option number one: You have the skills and you will always bounce back in your personal and your professional world. Your option number two: Without the skills life can be unbearable, let us go for option one 🙂

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I am David Hennessey and yes, life can be very stressful. We never know what is around the corner that could try to knock us off balance: death of good friends, financial challenges, relationship issues.. it goes on and on and I have found out through necessity that the skills to over come stress are not natural they have to be learned. Let us work on resilience together.

Not so good news: Sooner than we anticipate we are going to have more stress in our lives due the advancement of automation and A.I. Our ability to be resilient and manage change and be emotional centered will be an essential skill more and more going forward.

Don’t fight stress, overcome it. Remember negative stress damages your mental, physical and emotional health as which will impact our personal and professional relationships and success. Signs of negative stress include fatigue, depression, cold hands or feet, low back pain, asthma, irritability, headaches, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, nervous tension, loss of motivation, inability to focus; short temper (from the Health Canada Website) You and I can probably add more.

Let us talk about solutions:

  • Do you want to manage better stress using a unified not fragmented approach?
  • Would you like to be resilient and be able to show your children and parents and colleagues the same ideas so they can be ‘stress proof’ as well?
  • Are you going through a job change or job loss and you want to manage the stress you are encountering?
  • Are you experiencing relationship stress and you want to keep more centered?

I have had the pleasure of presenting seminars and keynotes to thousands of people and I am delighted to connect with you and your team.

You can discover the core principles of the Wonder technique which are a growing collection of ideas and tools that can help you simplify healthy living habits to make you super resilient so you can be very effective in all areas of your life.

Grounded in fundamental principals in Psychology and through years of research and reflection on what can help you, The Wonder Technique offers effective and easy to remember tools to make it easier for you to reduce your negative stress and help you become more resilient. Learn more in the video below about the background of the Wonder Technique.

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Seminar or Keynote:

How to become Resilient, get Stress Proof and Live a Fulfilling Life using the W.O.N.D.E.R. Technique
Practical ways to use 6 principals that can change your life, an unique holistic approach.

Seminar or Keynote.
Creating your W.O.N.D.E.R.ful life!
How to create daily habits that are life changing including the new ‘P.E.R.F.I.C.T plan

To get a better sense of how I work let us connect for 15 minutes at my cost by phone or by Skype or WhatsApp for me to give you a taste of my approach to helping you and your team become more resilient to reduce life stress and increase mental clarity. You will leave the call with ideas you can use in your own life as samples of my work.

Curious about my impact on other peoples lives read comments below. Learn more about my background here.

I also offer a limited number of ‘no cost’ events per year on demand.



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“Thank you for the ‘Jewel Box of Gems!’ I will use this information in my work and personal life.”
Margaret Dumbrell

“Fantastic Tools – no question I will implement”
Hilary Ewart

“This material changes my spirit – loved it. I will work in the suggestions into my life daily – I will pass on my feeling to my co-workers and hopefully David will be back”
Steve Costello

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